EmergingSoft has been providing MeetingPlanner and MeetingPlanner Touch leading Microsoft Outlook and web based scheduling solutions since 1997 for organizations worldwide.  Founded in 2000, IAdea is a leading developer of specialized commercial network media players and signboards. Signboard technology consolidates media player and display in one hardware solution developed for the Digital Signage applications, such as MeetingPlanner Touch for conference room schedules.

“Conference room and lobby digital signage reflecting daily and future scheduled meetings are one of the fastest growing business segments at EmergingSoft.” states Matt Quinn, President and CEO of EmergingSoft.   “Effective, easy to use and affordable digital signage is strategically important to EmergingSoft and our customers.  We are pleased to enter into this partnership with IAdea and feel they have solutions that best fit our customer requirements. “

MeetingPlanner Touch Digital Signage

MeetingPlanner Touch is a web based digital signage application designed to offer interactive or non-interactive room scheduled events generated in Microsoft Exchange or MeetingPlanner Enterprise Scheduling Software.   Customized color schemes, branding, logos and business rules such as check-in/checkout for conference rooms, common areas and temporary offices with MeetingPlanner Touch and IAdea digital signboards.

IAdea Digital Signage

With support for open industry standards, like W3C SMIL and HTML5, solutions from IAdea can be deployed for a variety of applications in facility digital signage – from a standard conference room digital sign to large digital signage networks.  Built-in utilities offer a coherent and easy to use interface to manage content across multiple IAdea players and signboards running MeetingPlanner Touch.

“The conference room management software from EmergingSoft is one of the most sophisticated yet easiest to use in our experience,” says Rex Chen, Executive Vice President of IAdea. “Combined with IAdea’s hardware advantages such as Power-over-Ethernet, multi-touch, and convenient mounting, I believe we have a unique solution that truly answers the needs of the market.  I am very happy to announce our partnership with EmergingSoft.”