PosterDigital is a digital signage CMS that is affordable, intuitive and versatile. More than 10 years of market experience and a 50 people team allow us to offer a product that is constantly evolving.

Some of the most important brands both in the national and international market are already using PosterDigital: Carrefour, Gucci, Telefónica, Mahou San Miguel, Adidas, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Adecco, Coca Cola and 3M, among others.

PosterDigital is present in different sectors, such as Finances, Retail, Hotels and Tourism, Corporative Communication or Restaurant Industries, with specific solutions and templates for each of the markets, based on the particular needs of every sector. These templates can be easily customized thanks to the editing tool included in the CMS.

PosterDigital allows the management of multiple screens, every orientation and configuration (videowalls, interactivity, touch screen…), it allows multiple users with different roles inside the CMS and it’s managed via website, since it’s 100% cloud. In some concrete cases it can be installed in a local environment.

Along with PosterDigital we offer a complete after-sales service that allows a quick launch as well as fast solving of any incidence our users might have, either by phone, chat, email or a ticket service. And finally we have our CMS perfectly documented in different formats: videotutorials, pdf manuals and wiki/faqs, assuring at all times that the user knows how to manage their projects.

Visit the IAdea microsite at PosterDigital.


Quick Start Tutorial made by PosterDigital