Display Player Kits, Digital Signboard Kits

Media player control board + LCD panel in the size you need

Small screens are cheap enough today to replace printed poster cards in many applications, while providing more functionality and stronger impression for the viewer. The challenge is, how will you fit in existing space a bulky PC just to play back content?

IAdea supplies a line of fully customizable, Android-based display-player kits for your special need. We supply custom display sizes that your project demands, with the option of long-life support on the LCD panel.

As with all IAdea products, they come ready to run your best SMIL, HTML5, and Android content, managed from anywhere across the globe.

Our customers have successfully deployed our display-player kits in clothing stores, restaurant menuboards, napkin holders, urinals, point-of-sale showcase/shelf edge, taxi/bus seats, ... The applications are endless and only limited by your imagination!

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