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To touch is to experience. To lift is to learn.

IAdea incorporates GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) capability into its media players, to enable the most unique, captivating visual experience. In addition to using most touch screens compatible the USB HID profile, we further enrich interactivity with buttons, motion sensors and generic open/close circuit detectors. How to set it up? Tutorials available on our Support site.

3rd-party software compatibility, checked.

Each digital signage solution provider comes together as an ecosystem, so cross-platform compatibility is the key to success. IAdea’s GPIO technology is seamlessly integrated with Scala, Signagelive, Accenture Digital (formerly Poster Digital) and more on our Partners site. To make setup even easier for installers, all you need is one cable, one IAdea GPIO board and one IAdea player, then you are good to go! 

IAdea + Signagelive present Lift n’ Learn

The “lift and learn” solution increases customer engagement and education by providing an interactive experience for key products. The simplicity of the GPIO module add-on from IAdea makes this accessible for all businesses, extending their digital signage solutions beyond the screen.

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