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Quick service restaurant digital signage application

Digital Signage for QSR

How can IAdea digital signage solutions benefit your quick service restaurant? Customers value fast and convenient restaurant service, and IAdea’s digital signage solution will help you successfully accommodate their needs. Customizable digital displays provide dynamic content in key locations throughout your restaurant enhance the overall dining experience. Customers are be able to visualize at a glance menu options, special promotions and appetizing videos to leverage business and increase sales through cross and up selling opportunities. This dynamic content can be centrally managed remotely for consistent branding among multiple restaurants.

On the Go

It’s not easy being a drive through menu board. It needs to communicate your entire restaurant in the few short seconds the customer takes to review it. Keeping your drive through menu board up to date with IAdea’s digital signage solution gives you’re the flexibility to manage the display remotely with the click of a button. If you have different menus depending on the time of day you can change it manually or set it to do so automatically with duration and dayparting features.

Use our XMP-6250 for your drive thru menu

Stay for a While

If you’re done waiting for printed material to arrive for you to make a price change then we have great news. Make way for your very own digital menu boards. IAdea’s digital signage solution allows you to easily change special offers and make menu changes remotely anytime. Need to change the price? No problem. Need to remove the item entirely. No problem. We mean at anytime.  If you have different menus depending on the time of day you can change it manually or set it to do so automatically.

Use our XMP-6250 for your restaurant menu

Customers and employees can have instant access to additional data

  • Real time news updates
  • Display your social media post
  • Hours of operation
  • Show current time and local weather
  • Display current specials
  • Show any number of ads
  • Restaurant community involvement
  • Fun facts about your restaurant

Inform and Entertain

Entertain your customers with a unique entertainment experience exclusively available for dining in. Use your custom playlist and videos that best interpret what you’d like to communicate to your customers. You can also, keep your customers informed about the news, weather, traffic, fun facts and much more.

Use our XMP-6400 for your cafeteria menu.