Timberland Tells a Great Story of Why HTML5 Works - IAdea

HTML5 is definitely gaining momentum in the digital signage industry. A recent video (shown below and on Vimeo) on the Timberland store concept tells an exciting tale, featuring an “open source, cloud-based, HTML5-based information system.”

The video offers testimonies from Bevan Bloemendaal, Senior Director, Global Creative Services, Timberland; Tali Krakowsky, Founder, Apologue, Inc.; and David Bianciardi, Founder, Audio, Video & Controls (AV&C), Inc. Quotes below are derived from a transcript of the featured video.

Tali photographically documents the project on her blog, and defines the task for Apologue in this project.

So how do you build something that has a small brain, lives in the cloud, and is liberated from any physical location, and at the same time be able to distribute those storytelling in a very specific way?

David states why HTML5 is the perfect technology for them (emphasis ours).

We were delighted to hear that [the developers] were going to embody in the software something that we felt very strongly as ready-to-happen, which was that, migrating away from traditional digital signage, we were able to create interactives that nonetheless didn’t have to be authored in some archaic and proprietary development platform, but rather could leverage HTML, and CSS, and the technologies behind the web, which as we know are robust and mature and scalable and all the things that we needed for the project.

IAdea makes a line of HTML5 products that could be used during the expansion phase of projects like this. For more information, please contact us to find out.

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