XMP-7300 Armoroid™ 4K Certified HDMI 2.0, Provides 4K@60 Performance - IAdea
IAdea is announcing the immediate availability of its XMP-7300 Armoroid™ 4K Media Appliance for industrial applications, including digital signage. The launch of the device received overwhelming excitement from the industry as the first production batch was completely sold out from pre-orders. Several TV brands are deploying hundreds of XMP-7300 at their points of sale to show 4K@60Hz high quality demo video with 24×7 reliability.
The XMP-7300 is among the first media appliances capable of decoding HEVC H.265 videos with 4K resolution up to 60 fps, and capable of withstanding 0-50°C wide operation temperature range. The device draws less than 10W of power and is designed to run reliably without a fan for extended duty hours.
Another early adopter of the XMP-7300 found it well fit for the extreme operating environment inside commuter trains. The integrator chose IAdea because of the pre-loaded industrial-focused Anbedded™ OS, which is derived from the Google Android software but added layers of protection to ensure the highest reliability. One of the notable features of Anbedded is its “overlay” file system, which provides robust data protection functions similar to the Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) technology found in Microsoft Windows Embedded.
The IAdea XMP-7300 is available to deliver the highest video performance with industrial-grade reliability. For additional information, including detailed product specs, please visit product website at //www.iadea.com/product/xmp-7300.

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