10” Smart Signboard with Motion Sensor

The XDS-1060 Cloud Signboard is a full featured screen designed for small spaces, such as retail shelves or reception desks. Includes motion sensing technology to turn the screen on/off or change the content presentation based on a viewer stepping in front of the device. This allows for switching from a background attract loop to a more dynamic eye-catching animation when a viewer is detected. Also, the XDS-1060 includes 6 buttons to allow for additional user interaction which can be programmed to show different videos based on what they choose.


10” All-in-one Smart Signboard with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

With all of the features of the XDS-1060, our XDS-1062 includes Power-over-Ethernet, making installation in areas where you don’t have a power outlet a snap. Perfect for meeting room and wall signage where budget is a factor, the XDS-1062 allows for single cable installation. It includes all of the motion sensing and touch buttons as on the XDS-1060. Also, as with the XDS-1060, Iadea’s Watchdog technology keeps the player running in the rare event of a failure, rebooting the screen without any intervention.

1078_meeting room product UI


10.1” Smart Touch Signboard for Retail and Conference Room

The XDS-1078 smart signboard is our most elegant design, perfect for meeting room signage where décor is a factor. It includes full touch capabilities, Power-over-Ethernet and 1280×800 resolution for amazing on screen graphics. The XDS-1078 includes an integrated back cover flush mounting bracket – which also provides clean looking countertop display with an integrated stand. The XDS-1078 is very thin as well – measuring in at 1” / 28mm thick. It includes a programmable LED side light for immediate visible communication of room status and more. For example, these lights can display green when the room is available, allowing viewers to tell at a distance which meeting room to visit


21.5″ Elegant and Durable Smart Signboard

The XDS 2170 is our largest Signboard, with a 21.5” display with full HD 1080p playback. It offers wide viewing angle playback and looks great in landscape or portrait. Great for countertops and wall mounts, the XDS-2170 also includes durable anti-scratch tempered glass which allows it to stand up to anything your customers can do to it. Easy to install and great for bars, retail, hospitality – really any public space where you want to quickly and effectively communicate to your customers with stunning full HD graphics and video. Use Iadea’s optional stand for a seamless install either portrait or landscape.