Highly Robust

XMP-6400's ruggedized design ensures uninterrupted performance despite shock and vibration.

Highly Robust

Even when a truck runs over the device, the video still plays!

Wide Temperature

XMP-6400 is designed for continuous operation between 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Wide Temperature

Perfect for professional and industrial grade applications, particularly outdoor and on the street, where temperature may rise and drop regularly.


Must-have for sports bars! Live games on TV + in-store advertising = best of two worlds.


Whether it’s basketball or football, play it all you want, and feel free to show your drink specials on the same screen during commercials!

HDCP 1.4 Compliant

Check before you deploy! Only buy HDCP 1.4 compliant players to protect yourself legally.

HDCP 1.4 Compliant

XMP-6400 keeps you safe and sound by ensuring your video sources can be successfully broadcast without legal or compatibly issues. Not all media players are certified, so be careful!

IAdea XMP-6400 Other Features

What else is so great about the HD, 1080p and HDCP 1.4 certified XMP-6400? Perfect for live streaming applications at a sports bar or a restaurant, XMP-6400 offers HDMI in video input and enables users to create any animation contents using PowerPoint.


Software Partners

Who else loves XMP-6400?

It’s the first media player to support HDMI-in for content overlay, allowing a personalised experience within a customised HTML5 framework. The XMP-6400 also has an extensive supported feature set, compact form factor, mounting options and WiFi functionality, making it an extremely versatile option.
Westbase Technology
The XMP-6400 is the most reliable media player that we have tested. The integration of SMIL and HTML5 makes it extremely easy to deploy
Fineman A/S
The XMP-6400 player, and the support of the entire IAdea Team, has been a great help in a successful digital signage project for our client. The XMP-6400 players have proven to be dominant media player and we will continue to use it for all upcoming installations for our client.