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Physical Access Control

Organization can improve workplace safety by integrating with conventional door locks to enforce workplace safety policy like limiting entry to only approved meeting attendees and prevent unauthorized access during turnaround times between reservations.
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HID Mobile Access

HID Mobile Access® enables the convenience of using smartphones to open doors through simple gestures like a quick “Tap” and “Twist and Go.” For organizations looking to upgrade their workplaces into modern, professional, and mobile-first powerhouses, this is the perfect access control solution.

QR Code

QR Code is fantastic for regulating time-sensitive access for visitors, contractors, and rotating staff. Organizations can quickly implement a QR Code access management system with just a computer, printer, and some paper. For a more mobile-first approach, email the QR Code to the visitor before entry, and voila!

ID Badge

ID badge authentication is quick, intuitive, and secure for on-site booking, checking-in, and checking-out. Speed is the key in booking the most suitable meeting rooms and open workspaces. When a room jumps out while browsing through the booking schedules, a quick tap to validate ID, and it’s reserved!

Physical Access Control Port Comparison

WiegandRS-485 / GPIO
What is it?Physical access control de-facto standardGeneral-purpose data protocol
Protocol completeness Physical + logical layersPhysical layer only
Compatible with existing access control systemsYesNo
Standardized status lightYesNo
Standardized audible alertYesNo
Ease of integrationEasyHard
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