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Monitor Mission-Critical IT, Analyze Usage, and Prevent Failures.

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Explore the benefits of remotely monitoring and completing basic device configurations to reduce overstretching of admin resources, unexpected device downtime, and disruption during office hours.

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IAdeaCare enables Fortune 500 companies with branches and offices throughout the globe to remotely manage all in-service IAdea devices like they are right in front of device admins. Managers can efficiently assess, configure, and customize alerts targeting the performance, health, and certificates of their deployed IAdea devices through essential functions such as system playback snapshots in grid view, real-time connectivity and uptime status, and license management. Companies can utilize IAdeaCare to avoid in-service device malfunctions, disruptions to workplace operations during office hours, and proactively perform configurations and maintenance.

Device Provisioning & Administration

Remotely administer essential device controls

Device Intelligence & Analytics

Overview of all in-service device health and licenses

Device Access Control & Security

Centrally enforce device protection and alert rules

Remote Device Diagnostic & Configuration

Running from device-to-device to make system configurations is so 2000s. Comfortably sit in your office chair while scheduling maintenance tasks, assigning device, network, and policy details, taking playback screenshots, and rolling out silent updates across multiple devices, simultaneously. Whether you have a small, local firm or a global enterprise, IAdeaCare enables device managers to communicate with all in-service devices, in batches, through a web-based platform.


Device Health Rundown & Contract Management

Keeping tabs on every in-service device, locally and remotely, can be a hassle without the right deployment monitoring tool. IAdeaCare can help businesses avoid disruptions to workplace operations due to black screens by

  • Displaying device playback screenshot in grid view
  • An overview of the device network and license status to proactively notify device managers of malfunctions.

Businesses also have the option of generating periodic field reports as a convenient tool to monitor all company-owned IAdea devices.


Central Admin Regulation & Notification

As mission-critical tools to business operations, in-service IAdea devices require protection against unauthorized breaches into the system and access to company data. IAdeaCare enables device managers to set and change device password, and pin apps to screen to preserve device integrity and confidential data. Device managers can establish alert rules to receive notifications when devices are detected as offline and take immediate action to resolve device malfunctions.  

IAdeaCare Plans & Features

Device Provisioning & Administration
Essential device administration controls Configure individual device identity and network setting, generate support tickets, update system firmware locally

Local device configuration: name, application URL, output orientation, timezone, and schedule daily reboot.

Delayed screenshot

Local firmware update

Device filter to quickly locate device

Device pairing

Full control over IAdeaCare deploymentExecute silent rollouts for IAdeaCare to minimize disruption during operation

Pre-configuration service

Delegating device management to other users

IAdeaCare update policy

Remote device diagnostic and forensics Audit device performance, connectivity, health issues, playback screenshot, and perform basic troubleshooting such as verified system reboot, setting configurations, to maintain smooth device operation

Real time screenshot

Schedule daily reboot

Remote device configuration

Device log retrieval

Remote firmware update

Batch administration for device controls with filter functions Operate across devices simultaneously with filter

Filter device list by user criteria

Filter device list by user criteria

Filter device list by device status

Device Intelligence & Analytics
Device inventory and contract management Overview of all in- and out-of-service device operation, network, and warranty status

Devices waranty info

License management

Device list

Device health analytics and troubleshootingSet policies and procedures to generate periodic device status and identify problems. Reduce diagnostic time and optimize uptime

One-click status report and troubleshooting

Audit activity log

Device heartbeat

Device Access Control & Security
Central regulation of device access control Enforce admin password and pin app to restrict unauthorized access into device backend and preserve device integrity and confidential dataSetup admin password

Create alert rules to monitor devices’s online status Define guidelines to send notifications when anomalies in connectivitySend alert emails

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