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Desk Booking System

Essential for Hot-Desking & Desk-Hoteling

IAdea Desk Booking System is easy to learn and even easier to manage. One of the main features of the IAdea Desk Booking System is being a self-service tool that allows users to reserve facility spaces and resources through mobile, via  reception or, at the space. This solution also includes the ability to scan personal IDs for easy user check-in/-out.

With IAdea Desk Booking, there is only one season in open workplaces: Hot

The future of the modern workplace will be flexible, open, automated, remotely manageable, and self-serviceable with the options of reserving desks via 3rd party desk booking software (known as desk-hoteling) or directly at-desk with personal ID (known as hot-desking). IAdea Desk Booking System enables workplaces to deploy a scalable resource management operation in which facility managers can utilize the data to improve space utilization, increase budgeting, and decrease the total cost of ownership.

Optimize Workplace Efficiency

Built-In ID Badge Reader

Built-In Occupancy Sensor

Peripheral LED Status Lights

Table & Partition Mounting

Single-Wire & Clean Installation

A frictionless workplace

for spontaneous to routine facility-goers

The time wasted on queuing for reception or blindly roaming the facility for an open space can always be better spent. With the IAdea Desk Booking System, project-critical freelancers, contractors, and team members can make future space bookings via 3rd party desk booking software or manually at a free space with the help of real-time space occupancy status.

Scan your ID to verify status

IAdea Desk Booking Device simplifies the direct booking and check-in/-out  processes by enabling user verification via scanning their workplace-issued ID. This feature also adds another layer of security for the user, as desk booking cancellations or extensions must be completed with the same user ID.

Keeping an eye on your space

Going for a bathroom break or getting a snack has never been this stress-free. The built-in occupancy sensor on the IAdea Desk Booking Device is always on the alert for unverified space users (known as desk-camping). Likewise, if the sensor detects absent reservations, the booking system will automatically release the space and update the occupancy status for other users to utilize (known as desk-ghosting).

Blends seamlessly into the background

Smart T-Bar design and built-in magnet on the back cover allows the IAdea Desk Booking Device to easily pivot, make horizontal and vertical adjustments, and hold in position during installation.

Table surface

Under table

Partition surface

Scale IAdea Desk Booking System with gateway

IAdea Desk Booking Gateway (WDG-001) is the brain behind the whole desk booking system. PoE+ powers WDG-001 to control up to six Desk Booking Devices (WDB-001) by a simple USB connection which enables the flexibility of installation and decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Let us walk you through an IAdea Desk Booking System managed open workplace scenario

“Is this seat taken?”

It might sound like a great pick up line in a cafe but, not so much when trying to find a free desk in the workplace, especially when you are in a time crunch. Being able to browse and reserve available work desks days before entering the office, and check-in for your reservation at the desk with a quick scan of your badge can save you a lot of sweat, tears, and headaches.

Desk Booking Series

Model nameWDB-001WDB-001-A/H
Push button
PIR sensor
Desk Booking Gateway
PoE+25.5 W
PortsSix USB host ports
ProgrammingIAdea Desk Booking Framework 1.0 API
CPUQuad A9
Storage8 GB

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