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The Personalized Workspace

AI and Workspace management tech to personalize and navigate the complexity of flexible workplaces

What can you expect from this webinar?

Workplaces are transforming. They are flexible, dynamic and collaborative. Meanwhile, fixed spaces are becoming fewer and far between, and with that so may they become tricky to navigate and lack a personal touch. No longer with dedicated spaces, employees are asking what makes it ‘my workplace’ rather than ‘a workspace.’

In this webinar we’ll invite FMs to take it personally. We invite you to consider how, through the power of technology AI, employees can bring a personal touch to the workplace, meeting their individual needs.

Get up to speed with:

  • What problems in the post-COVID workspace are being addressed by technology
  • How can success be measured and what technologies have been found successful?
  • What lies on the horizon for workplace personalization?
  • Share your journey and be heard while gaining insights from industry peers through interactive live polls
IoT and Automations for the Modern Campus

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