Digital signage made easy!

Easyscreen.tv gives you full control over digital signage. Create online clips and determine when they are broadcasted. You can easily customize your programmes to fit your brand, location and customers. Combine this with the many extras that easyscreen.tv offers.

Easyscreen.tv gives you a plug and play digital signage software that lets you create the best content in no time! Create a programme with your own clips combined with news, offers, photos and films with great ease by using the templates. You can create your own design, modify an existing template or order your own customized design from easyscreen.tv. Any clip that you create will be stored online so you can easily customize and use them again in the future. You’re in control. We make it work.

Easyscreen.tv can turn anyone into a director! Visit us on www.easyscreen.tv or Download our brochure


Hardware and software integration for a 100% experience: easyscreen.tv’s digital signage platform and IAdea media players

Easyscreen.tv’s is:

  • Fun to work with
  • Easy to understand
  • Creates the WoW effect

IAdea‘s media players are:

  • Robust and reliable
  • Plug & Play
  • Manageable via the internet

Together they form the best solution for digital signage and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH).


Easyscreen.tv is compatible with most of IAdea’s media players after they’ve been prepped in our office. Our standard media player offer is the MBR-1100. This media player from IAdea is Full HD 1080 and designed for direct HDMI installation right into your screen. The IAdea MBR 1100 is extremely compact and therefore easy to install and place. Remote control via internet, cable or WiFi.

Learn more about the MBR-1100 here

About Notice

Notice is an Indoor Media Engagement-technology pioneer that brings indoor media to life. Every day, we immerse millions of people in superb indoor media experiences through our Tech, Design and Content labs. As digital signage and branded content expert Notice daily serves thousands of users in different industries. Varying from instore retail to hospitality solutions and healthcare to fitness. Notice Branded Media loves pioneering and is always on top of the latest trends. Our software solutions are the response to multipurpose applications in the field of digital signage and DOOH. We are continuously creating and developing new features and smart solutions for our customers. Therefore Notice has the largest team of developers in Europe. Customers who choose ultimate indoor engagement media experiences, choose Notice’s digital signage platform easyscreen.tv. Learn more about Notice on www.noticebrandedmedia.com

The company was founded in 1999 on a simple observation: emerging AV media technology will transform how people engage in out-of-home environments, while design, technology and content fuse together into an engaging experience to captivate indoor audiences.

The distributor agreement between IAdea and Notice, aims to strengthen availability and logistical support of IAdea products in the digital signage industry of Notice. Notice applies the latest innovations and digital content sensibility to various sectors and regions around the world, while IAdea consistently offers top-notch support to facilitate our designs. With the distributor agreement in place and IAdea products on our palette, we look forward to painting a bright future for our customers.


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