[February 7-10, 2017] Integrated System Europe - IAdea

Let the countdown begin!

IAdea returns to Integrated System Europe (ISE) 2017 to reunite with old friends and meet new ones. Great giveaways are reserved for all valuable guests who make appointments with us in advance of the show. Make an appointment with us now! 

Venue: RAI Amsterdam Convention Center
Date: Feb. 07 – 10. 2017
Booth: Hall 8, K320

Join IAdea’s Partner Symposiums!

This year, IAdea is all about knowledge sharing. Our partners from various business segments will be sharing success stories at our booth (Hall 8, K320). First 10 attendees of each session to receive a FREE gift voucher to a dining facility inside the exhibition hall. RSVP now!

– Symposium topic:
Immersive and Ubiquitous: the Future of Digital Signage Foretold by IAdea Case Studies
– Symposium time:
2pm, Feb 7, 2017
John C. Wang

Founder & CEO, IAdea

– Symposium topic:
What Pro-AV System Integrators Should Know: IAdea the Hidden Gem.
– Symposium time: 4pm, Feb 7, 2017
Odd Roar Olsen

Country Manager,, Laud Media

– Symposium topic:
Digital interaction with customer in a shop- how to manage corporate and retail communications?
– Symposium time:
11am, Feb 8, 2017
François Jacono

Chief Marketing Officer, , SharingCloud

– Symposium topic:
Immersive and Ubiquitous: the Future of Digital Signage Foretold by IAdea Case Studies
– Symposium time:
2pm, Feb 7, 2017
Jason Cremins

Founder & CEO, Signagelive

– Symposium topic:
Simple systems, solid hardware – the key to success.
– Symposium time:
4pm, Feb 8, 2017
Peter Dombrowski

Peter DombrowskiBusiness Development Manager, !Adea Germany

-Symposium topic:
The Trend for LCD display
-Symposium time:
2pm, Feb 9, 2017
Jeff Yang

Europe Office Head , AUO

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  • With IAdea, you wouldn’t be responsible for the CO2 emission that the world needs to plant 700 more trees to absorb

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