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ROOOMS, your smart workplace facility management solution lets you manage and track usage of your office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms or open workplaces


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ROOOMS delivers three key components:

  1. ROOOMS Booking Portal: A fully functional self-service scheduling system (including normal or recurring reservations, ad-hoc booking, private appointment, …) and to report detailed usage statistics with numerous breakdown levels;
  2. ROOOMS Manager: the core system providing management and administration functions (application settings, sites/users/rooms/amenities management, …) and device monitoring (heartbeat, remote reboot, …);
  3. ROOMS Navigator: the interactive kiosk and room signage with LED indicators, NFC capability, smart room finder and amenities management functionalities;

ROOOMS is offered in three versions, Standard, Professional and Enterprise, with different feature set, and is currently available in English, French, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

ROOOMS can run on both SaaS or on-premise deployment where it supports LDAP login or SSO integration.

Without depending on a third-party scheduler, ROOOMS is a fully integrated solution that can be deployed in minutes to take control back of your precious meeting spaces!



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