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IAdea’s room panel and workspace management kiosk devices, paired with the Yarooms Workplace Experience Platform, offer an unrivaled suite powering remarkable visitor and employee experience:

  • Easily book meeting rooms and see their availability in real time.
  • Keep everyone informed with up-to-date booking and event information.
  • Manage visitors quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times.
  • Enjoy fast and convenient check-ins.
  • Help employees and visitors navigate the office effortlessly.
  • Shift to sustainable workplace management.

Upgrade your workplace experience with modern digital signage

Your working space is no longer defined by its walls: people meet, work and study in new ways, in-person and online. They demand technologically smart office designs, and an agile, hybrid approach to work planning. YAROOMS breaks down the barriers to inspired work with the industry’s most powerful enterprise-class workplace management platform.


IAdea and yarooms

Meeting and conference room booking

The intuitive room panel application lets you book meeting and conference rooms with just a few taps and provides real-time availability information:

  • Quickly check room availability and upcoming reservations.
  • Instantly book meeting or conference rooms with secure, authenticated booking.
  • Extend or end room reservations with ease.
  • Generate usage reports and gain insights into office space utilization.

Moreover, you can boost workplace visibility by using a lobby signage app to display all room bookings and event information in the reception area.

Check real-time availability

Color-coded status helps prevent double bookings and provides an at-a-glance view of room bookings, upcoming reservations, and the next available slot.

Book on the spot

Walking into an empty meeting room? Reserve it with a few taps directly from the door. Authenticated booking is available.

Avoid no-shows

Make sure unused rooms are released right away. YAROOMS will end the room reservation if no user check-in is performed in time.

Extend the meeting or end it early

If you need more time in the room or you have finished the meeting earlier, extend or end your reservation at the door.

Visitor management 

A modern visitor management system ensures all guests feel welcomed and fully accommodated as they step into your office:

  • Streamline the visitor registration and check-in process in the lobby.
  • Send arrival notifications to the host employee.
  • Customize the application’s interface to reflect your brand and welcome visitors with a personal touch.

Visitor check-in

Upon arrival, guests can conveniently check-in using a user-friendly digital reception tablet app. Direct on-site registration is also supported.

Custom branding

A configurable digital visitor management system’s UI allows you to create a branded visitor experience.

Multi-location settings

Visitor management settings can be adjusted for each location to suit the different policies across offices.

Digital visitor log

Keep track of who, when, and why is entering your office in one single visitor management system.

Office wayfinding  

Seamlessly guide employees and visitors from point A to point B in complex office layouts and large campuses:

  • Display wayfinding directions on an interactive office floor map.
  • Ensure accessibility on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and lobby kiosks.

Request wayfinding directions

Wayfinding technology works with desk and room booking systems, letting you request directions to your reserved space directly on your phone or a lobby kiosk.

Receive wayfinding directions

The wayfinding system processes the request and provides an interactive office map with directions, showing the easiest route from your current location to the destination

Follow directions on your device

Use the digital wayfinding directions on your device to guide you directly to your destination through the office.

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