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Introducing “Booking for Outlook”

Optimize your meeting space with “Booking for Outlook,” a specialized connector for IAdea panels that transforms your existing Outlook into an efficient meeting room booking system. Enjoy seamless integration with streamlined on-panel booking and real-time schedule updates, enhanced by at-a-glance LED availability indicators on IAdea room panel.

‘Booking for Outlook’ with IAdea room panel ensures that your employee can manage and reserve meeting spaces with ease, whether from their desk, a personal device, or right outside the room, redefining the collaboration experience in workspace management.

Enhanced Room Booking Experience

Instant booking, calendar checks, and visual status lights on-site.

Streamlined Deployment

Accelerate meeting room setup with intuitive, plug-and-play solution.

Seamless Outlook Integration

Effortless setup with your existing Outlook and leverage Microsoft Teams & Zoom compatibility.

Customizable Interface

Your brand, your panel. Personalize effortlessly.

Offline Mode

Scan QR for backup booking via phone, even offline

Tailored Space Management Settings

Configure settings to fit your on-site bookings and cancellations needs

Connector overview 

Book on site with
Real-Time Outlook Sync

Enjoy the seamless integration of “Booking forOutlook” and IAdea Room Panel for a unified meeting experience. Book, manage, and extend meetings directly from the screen, backed by real-time updates on room availability and comprehensive daily schedules.

Compatible with

Seamless Outlook Integration

“Booking for Outlook” synchronizes effortlessly with your existing Outlook calendar and fully supports integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings when Outlook is utilized as the backend calendar, ensuring a cohesive scheduling experience across your most essential communication platforms.

Customizable Interface for Brand Consistency

Effortlessly adjust interface settings to mirror your corporate aesthetic, ensuring a consistent brand experience throughout. Utilize “Unified Setting” for multi-panel configurations.

Select the Plan That Fits Your Needs

(License required)
Display room booking information on screen
  • Meeting Name

  • Time

  • Duration
  • LED screen status light reflecting meeting status

    View today's meeting agenda via timeline

    On-site meeting management
  • Book

  • Extend

  • Cancel
  • Tailored space management settings 
    Permit on-site bookings or meeting cancellations

    Utilize "Unified Setting" for multi-panel configurations

    Personalize with corporate branding
  • Logo

  • Background
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