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XDS-1588-A (NFC)

15″ Widescreen All-In-One Interactive Meeting Room Door Sign with Embedded NFC & RFID

The XDS-1588 is a 15” touch-enabled smart signboard with all the industry’s best features IAdea 15-inch series has to offer, in addition to a built-in NFC & RFID module, as part of IAdea Smart Workplace series. Designed with industrial-grade robustness and performance, this is the best digital signage solution for every workplace and every corporation.

XDS-1588 Series Brochure (English)

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Booking a meeting room on-site is only one click away.

LED Light Bar

A variety of colors to choose from for all kinds of purposes

ID Authentication

A must for every workplace! Built-in NFC to track meeting attendees.

IAdea XDS-1588 Other Features

Not only is XDS-1588 an excellent tool for facility managers to better manage the use of space, the device enables the users to be green and go paperless as the tedious sign-in and sign-out sheets are replaced. IAdea understands each client has a preferred software platform. Lucky for you, IAdea devices are compatible with numerous industry-leading room management software programs to seamlessly integrate existing in-house booking systems.

IAdea XDS-1588 Other Features


Installing the XDS-1588 is like hanging a piece of artwork. All you need to connect to the display is an Ethernet cable for access power, network, and data to-and-from the display. How easy is that?

Tempered Glass

Meeting room signboard maintenance can be a pain for busy workplaces. Engineered with industrial-grade robustness and performance, IAdea XDS-1588 is the best digital signage solution for your busy workplace.

Elegant Product Design

With a modern and minimalist design, XDS-1588 complements workplaces of any style and function while also bring the brand to life with thousands of programmable colors to choose from for the light bars.

VESA Mount

You can’t mess up mounting with the built-in VESA MIS-D mount (100 mm x 100 mm).

Instant On-Site Booking

XDS-1588 provides an interactive surface for room booking. With the appropriate third-party software, you can browse through all the meeting room schedules and make bookings on-the-spot without having to check your computers or smartphones.

Wide View Angle

Medium size screen with big size capabilities. No matter what format the customized media content is, superior image quality ensure every views receives the best visual experience, even from a distance.

High Performance

Built-in Cortex-A17 1.8 GHz Quad-Core Processor offers users the most reliable industrial-grade performance for the best digital signage solution to keep up with ever evolving pace of corporations, university campuses, conference rooms and hotels.

Available in 22-inch and 10-inch

The same features are also available in 10-inch and 22-inch to satisfy the various smart signboard needs for you projects.

Accessories & Services

IAdea is a recognized pioneer in the global digital signage market since 2000. It creates innovative, commercial-grade digital signage media players and integrated displays. By focusing on partnership, IAdea created one of the industry’s largest ecosystems around open standards across a wide variety of business markets. It aims to provide exceptional customer service through its worldwide locations.

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