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3 Inch Workspace E-paper Panel
The E-Paper Panel enables modern workplaces that cater to hybrid workforces with enhanced flexibility. Through our software partners’ workplace apps, team members can book desks in advance or on-the-spot with ease. The tricolor display shows desk availability in real-time, eliminating the need for queues or searching for free desks.

Designed for smart working environments that
inspire productivity

The future of the modern workplace is characterized by flexibility, openness, and automation. The IAdea e-paper desk panel supports this trend by allowing easy desk reservations through third-party software or scanning an on-screen QR code via an app. When ready to leave, press the button to check out and release the desk. The WBP-130 features a high-clarity tricolor display with anti-glare technology, making it easily readable under various lighting conditions without needing power. Its low energy consumption and long battery life of over three years also help organizations achieve sustainability goals. The sleek e-paper panel can be easily mounted on desktops, sides of desks, or partitions and comes with anti-theft features to aid in space management.

Cable-free installation on any desk

Crisp tricolor anti-glare bistable display 

QR code-based booking integration

Ultra-long battery life and minimal carbon footprint

Check-in button

Diverse and secure mounting options

The perfect compact form factor for minimal distraction

The WBP-130 is a highly compact device that blends into any
modern workplace aesthetic, making itself known only when
necessary. The e-paper anti-glare display is readable under varied
light conditions, without the need for overly bright and distracting
LCD’s. Team members can stay on task and productive.

Check-in, check-out. As easy as that

Checking in and out for a desk is as easy as you’d expect it to be.
Check in for a reservation with the touch of a button. Ready to leave?
Press once more to check out and release the desk. Team members
can also check in by scanning the handy on-screen QR code via a
partner’s workplace app. Can’t make it? When a no-show happens,
desks can automatically release for someone else in need.

Facilitating a frictionless workplace

The WBP-130 E-Paper Panel enables digitally transformed modern workplaces that are built for hybrid workforces and need enhanced flexibility. Team members can book a desk in advance through our select software partners’ workplace apps or on the spot with the press of a button. The crisp tricolor display shows desk immediate availability, with no need to queue at the front desk or run around searching for a free desk.

Batteries that keep going and going and going… 

The WBP-130 is an advocate for sustainability, equipped with an e-paper display that uses a mere fraction of the energy compared to a typical LCD. It also features an efficient onboard battery that can last up to or even beyond 3 years*. No need to run around recharging or changing batteries at the end of each workweek.
*Based on 8 screen changes a day

Totally wireless functionality

The WBP-130 pairs Wi-Fi connectivity with an onboard battery to offer a totally cable-free design. No need to run expensive cabling to each desk, simply ensure the device is within range of a certified router for seamless connections between reservation systems and devices.

Mounting Options

Partition Mounted

Desktop Mounted

Desk edge mounted

Adaptable enough for any
workplace configuration

The WBP-130 is a versatile device that sits happily
wherever it’s needed, be it on top or edge of the desk,
or directly attached to a partition wall. Security
screws also help protect it against accidental
misplacement and theft.

Technical Specification

DisplayScreen Dimensions
67 x 29.7 mm
296 x 128 pixels
IEEE 802.15.4
2.4 GHz
Function Key
PowerBatteryCR2450 x 4 (2480mAh)
Lasts 10,000 updates (3+ years if updated 8 times daily)
EnvironmentOperating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operation Humidity
0 – 40°C
-25 – 60°C
5 – 80% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions (WxHxD)
100 x 47 x 18.9 mm
80g (incl. housing and battery)
OthersDistance from router (max)15m with wireless signal penetrable obstacles
or 25m without obstacles

Certified Gateway

TAD-A1123 Edge Server
EthernetLAN #1
LAN #2
I/O InterfaceLED x2
Button x1
Com port
USB Interface
HDMI Interface
RJ45 x2
Power on / HDD
Power button
1 x RS-232/422/485
2 x USB 2.0 & 1 x USB3.0
2 x HDMI w/o audio
Mini Jack x 2
PowerPower Supply Voltage
Power Consumption
EnvironmentOperating Temperature

Storage Temperature
Operation Humidity
With extended temperature SSD/mSATA/RAM : -20 ~ 60° C
with 0.7m/s air flow
With standard temperature HDD/SSD/mSATA/RAM:0~40°C
with 0.7m/s air flow
-40 ~ 85° C (-40~185° F)
95% @ 40° C (non-condensing)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
133.8 x 43.1 x 94.2 mm (5.27" x 1.7" x 3.71")
OthersSupported router (max)25 routers

Certified Router

EthernetLAN #1
LAN #2
1 x 10/100Mbps for WAN
1 x 10/100Mbps for LAN
IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2T2R
IEEE 802.15.4
I/O InterfaceAntenna x 1
LED x 2
Button x 1
Com port x 1
USB port x 1
RJ45 port x 2
Power on, Wi-Fi and Zigbee module on
Reset button
USB 2.0
PowerPower Supply Voltage
Power Consumption
EnvironmentOperation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operation Humidity
-20 – 60°C (Industrial) / 0 – 50°C (Commercial)
-40 –85°C (Industrial) / -40 – 85°C (Commercial)
5 – 95% Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions (L x W x H)
143 x 101 x 30 mm
OthersSupported devices
Coverage range
Up to 400 devices
15m with wireless signal penetrable obstacles
or 25m without obstacles

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