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22″ Interactive Smart Kiosk

The IAdea XDS-2288 is a 22” smart signboard as part of IAdea Smart Workplace series which incorporates a robust design and commercial functionality into a value-pack interactive digital signage solution.

IAdea 22″ Smart Kiosk

A powerful touch display to drive office productivity and efficiency

Touch-enabled digital door sign? Check. All-in-one smart design to eliminate tedious wiring and allow remote content and display management? Check. Compatible with various 3rd-party software to implement booking systems which satisfies the needs of any workplace? Check. 


Wide View Angle

Tempered Glass

Powerful CPU

Superior Interactive Experience

A Quad-core processor to ensure the smoothest interactive experience. Browse through available meeting space and book the space with a few taps. Eliminate the time-consuming typing and submission via website by using instant on-site booking which gives you the convenience of browsing schedules and completing bookings in-person, right at the panel.

All-in-One Smart Design

A digital signage as versatile as the content it plays. Rotate the signage between portrait and landscape positioning to maximize the presentation of your media contents. You don’t even need to go into settings – just turn it! Built-in VESA MIS-D mounting makes the installation dummy-proof and easy breezy.

TempDefend™ Self-Service Body Temperature Detection Station

TempDefend™ kiosks can be placed at the entrances of offices and workspaces as preliminary screening to alert management of individuals with elevated temperatures and also as a reminder for people to use masks before entering the facility. These pre-entry actions help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Easy Breezy Signage Solution

Get started with SignApps Express + XDS-2288 to quickly spin up a proof-of-concept demo and take full advantage of features available on IAdea’s hardware. The cloud option provides a simple content distribution solution to enable you to grow your deployment from 1 to 100 in record time.

I/O Ports

Technical Specification

Mounting Options

Adjustable Table Stand PVK-302

Tilt Wall Mount PTM-101

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