Brazil Enters Top 3 on SMIL Website - IAdea

Brazil surprises us by entering at #3 this month on the SMIL Trends: Top 10 Countries chart. Indeed we have heard activities in that region but its shear speed nevertheless surprises us.

Here are the top 10 countries during the month of August, ranked by the number of visits to the A-SMIL web site, the promoter of W3C SMIL as the standard for digital signage, who activity tracks an ever expanding list of digital signage companies announcing support for SMIL. Here we go.

1. United States (3rd month)
2. Germany (up 1)
3. Brazil (new)
4. United Kingdom (down 2)
5. Sweden (back from July)
6. Canada (down 2)
7. Italy (2nd week)
8. Ukraine (new)
9. India (up 1)
10. Belgium (new)

SMIL offers a number of facilities that simplify programming for digital signage. The web site covers a wide range of topics in SMIL.

IAdea is a sponsor of this monthly report and offers a number of new SMIL-compliant digital signage appliances.

You may wish to also take a look at the August chart for comparison.

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