SIXTEEN:NINE: "Skin Care Firm Dermalogica Adds Lift And Learn To In-store Digital" - IAdea

The UK skin care brand Dermalogica has streamlined a range of digital displays in its retail locations – putting them on a network and adding new smart signage displays to drive promotions and build up its “Hero” products.

The company has started rolling out a solution in stores, put together by systems integrator Solutions AV, that uses IAdea Signboards and Samsung’s Smart Signage displays, and runs off Signagelive’s CMS platform.

To date, says a Signagelive case study, the kit has so far been installed in four locations:

Harvey Nichols – Edinburgh,
Fabel -Tottenham Court Road, London
Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, London
MK Centre – Milton Keynes

Apart from displaying prescheduled content about Dermalogica skincare products in an eye-catching and engaging manner, the digital signage network is also being used to raise awareness of its “Hero” product range via “Lift and Learn” applications to increase brand loyalty.

Carefully chosen items are placed on small sensors (concealed inside retail counters) positioned in front of small, instore displays. If an item is subsequently “lifted”, a trigger is activated to display detailed product information about that item on a corresponding display.

Displays have also been installed at Dermalogica HQ in Leatherhead to display education information to students attending workshops, and to provide local information like traffic and weather.

The lift and learn set-up uses light sensors to trigger different content, ie the product sits atop a sensor, which sees black. When lifted up, the sensor sees light and sends a trigger message to the playback device.


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