Digital Signage Disrupted - IAdea

IAdea tips about one thing it doesn’t want to give away too much detail yet: the coming of new digital signage technology that targets viewers with pinpoint accuracy.

With the latest advances in big data and online-offline convergence in retail, new smart digital signage technology is targeting viewers at unprecedented accuracy. Huge opportunities are coming soon.

Media players and 10-inch signboards from IAdea have been deployed worldwide in massive quantities. It has been the leading innovator that seeded and mass marketed digital signage platform technologies including SMIL and HTML5. Through these standards, IAdea now connect to the largest number of CMS software, forming the greatest ecosystem in our industry.

IAdea is expected to yet again bring about a huge wave. It is expected to shed lights on new trends it sees at the Digital Signage Disrupted panel at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. EECatalog runs a preview of what to expect from the panel.

In addition, at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe 2014 show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, IAdea will demonstrate a novel feature for its signboards to provide, in addition to its built-in 10-inch display, a second duplicate output on an external HDMI monitor. This feature has received great enthusiasm for applications including product merchandising, display of financial information, and applications at the waiting queue.

For more information’ or an appointment with IAdea at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe and Digital Signage Expo shows, please contact IAdea.

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