Digital Signboard vs. Consumer Photo Frame: An In-Depth Comparison - IAdea

The concept of placing small dynamic screens right on the shelf has proliferated since IAdea introduced its first-generation Digital Signboard and coined the term a little over a year ago. The devices are sometimes also called “shelf-edge displays” or “smart displays.” Unfortunately they are also often confused with the consumer wireless digital photo frame which are increasingly pushed into this space by their brand marketers. While the Digital Signboard and the consumer photo frame may share many roots in technology, they are clearly different when considered for professional digital signage projects.

Improved brightness: designed for use in a public space with stronger ambient light than the typical home, IAdea Digital Signboards feature 300-nit enhanced brightness panel that is 20% to 50% brighter than the typical consumer photo frame. This means your message is more visible and lively when shown on IAdea devices.

Hardened front bezel: when deployed in the public space, one major maintenance cost that is often unplanned for is the speed at which consumer photo frames get scratched and stained from use. IAdea Digital Signboards employ a specially treated surface material to improve the hardness and stain resistance of the front bezel. You are also provided the option to colorize the front panel with your graphic identity to achieve a truly integrated display design.

Professional mounting: fixing a display at arms-reach in the public space is also a challenge. Consumer photo frames may come with simple table stands and wall mount holes for home use, but only IAdea Digital Signboards come with industrial standard 3”x3” (75×75) VESA posts for professional mounting. This translates into tremendous cost savings in ease of mounting, theft prevention and related field service efforts.

Software compatibility: professional digital signage deployments are managed by professional back-end systems that are also driving other displays in the store. Only IAdea Digital Signboards support most of the leading software options: Scala, SignChannel, signagelive, 42media Group, Stinova, Smartsign, digitalsignage.NET, and many others. Advanced management features including billing logs and real-time heartbeat monitoring are supported by many of the software options.

Programmability: in addition to having the choice of great management software, IAdea Digital Signboards fully support the industry standard SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) which allows anyone to easily program the devices to perform non-trivial playlist scheduling and multi-media integration. The units are built in with 2GB of internal storage for automatic caching of hours of digital media. This easily saves a great amount of network bandwidth compared against regular photo frame technology.

In summary, IAdea provides Digital Signboards dedicated for digital signage applications. Our decade-long experience and partnership with the leading software solutions in the industry help us define the best platform to support your innovative digital signage deployments. IAdea’s products are proven by the industry, designed for the industry, and the optimal choice for you as an expert in the industry.

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