DS CCC GmBH Ships iOS App for IAdea SMIL Players - IAdea

DS CCC GmBH, a company based in Hamburg, Germany, is shipping an iOS app named “SMIL Control” for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to enable controlling SMIL-based IAdea players remotely.

From the DS CCC announcement:

The user connects the iPhone via WLAN to the Digital Signage network and can then take pictures by the integrated camera and send them directly from the iPhone to to the various SMIL players. Similarly it is possible to send images which are stored in the gallery, for example,a product promotion picture, directly to the SMIL player and thus locally intervene on the content. This is particularly in the restaurant area very interesting. The app will scale the images automatically to the appropriate resolution up to HD. If the customer does not want to upload the images directly through the network, he can also upload them on the FTP. If a Digital Signage content consists of several pictures it is now possible to decide which picture will be shown at which position and how long it will be shown.

For more information about SMIL-enabled IAdea products, contact IAdea.

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