DST: "Costco Taiwan now selling digital signage kiosk from IAdea and InFocus" - IAdea

Costco Taiwan has teamed up with digital signage company IAdea and technology company InFocus to manufacturer and sell a digital signage kiosk called the InFocus FDS50B. Costco will sell the kiosk in its 12 locations throughout the country, according to a press release.

The kiosk is designed with a 50-inch, LED touchscreen and Wi-Fi capability. Users can also upload advertising images or videos into the kiosk without special training or assistance, according to the release. The kiosk is designed for a variety of industries such as restaurants, retailers, movie theaters and others.

“IAdea is an award-winning and well-known solution provider in the digital signage industry, with millions of deployments around the globe. That’s why IAdea was our first choice of a partner when  product planning was under way,” said Mayo Cheng, consumer and computer product business, InFocus. “In this fast-growing digital signage business, no one size fits all, as customizations are constantly in demand. Not only is IAdea known for the lowest RMA rate in the industry, we’ve also been highly satisfied with the willingness to customize quickly, while maintaining the greatest quality, in addition to strong after-sale support.”



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