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Smart Worplace

Join IAdea and partners Meetio, Concierge, and Pronestor, at ISE 2020 and discover how we are enhancing workplace and campus environments through solutions that streamlines room booking, reception kiosks, desk booking, study room scheduling, campus spaces and much more.

IAdea is a global leader in enterprise-grade digital signage platforms. We help organizations enhance their productivity through easy-to-use devices, comprehensive management systems, and services which rapidly connects users to mission critical information.

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Smart Workplace
IAdea Workplace Series room panels feature 10-, 15- and 22-inch display size options that can fulfill a multitude of workplace needs. They feature professional, modern designs that easily integrates into a corporate environment and ID badge authentication systems for quick and secure facility-wide access control.

The IAdea Workplace Series 10-inch room panel offers a variety of mounting options, soft LED light bars, and the convenience of reliable touchscreens and single cable PoE. For larger, multi-purpose spaces such as auditoriums, conference room, and executive boardrooms, the IAdea Workplace Series 15-inch room panel is ideal, while the 22-inch room panel provides a large, easy to read touchscreen display for applications such as public wayfinding, information points, counter top customer service, self-service kiosks and large venue digital door signs.

Smart Workplace Software Partner
Meetio provides room booking software for the IAdea room panels. The simplicity and focus on ease of use enables Meetio Room to perfectly fits any modern corporate environment. For larger room panels, Meetio View provides an interactive navigation system for applications such as public spaces, reception desks, and kiosks. When paired with IAdea true 4K media players it can even support wall-sized interactive displays for large, high quality interactive advertising. For administrators, Meetio software also provides a comprehensive suite of management and data analytics.

Desk Booking
Ideal for streamlining shared work-space environments, the IAdea’s new Desk Booking device is a convenient and cost-effective device designed to reduce the stress and overhead of desk space management in open offices, hot desk spaces, coworking areas, desk hoteling, or campus environments with shared study spaces.

Desk Booking Software Partners
Built on years of collaboration, IAdea and Pronestor are proud to announce our expanded partnership at ISE 2020. Through Pronestor’s mobile desk booking app, users can easily find, book, and cancel hot desks while the LED status lights from the IAdea Desk Booking Device offers instantaneous updates on the availability of each desk.

Campus Management
IAdea enriches campuses with easy, at-the-door room and space booking panels that saves students and staff time by interacting with existing campus IDs. For campus-wide safety, IAdea panels can even be used as visual navigators during emergencies.

The IAdea 10-inch room panel is designed for classrooms, while larger spaces, such as lecture halls, multi-purpose rooms, auditoriums or gyms will benefit from the IAdea 15-inch room panel, which is an ideal size to show room schedule overviews where students can scroll through to check the time of their class or even book the room directly. IAdea creates room panels that are hardwearing with reliable touchscreen controls and clear LED status lights, while also offering a variety of mounting options to fit different facility interiors.

Campus Management Partners
Concierge Displays room booking software, with summary mode available for larger room panels, is designed specifically for campus management. Working together with IAdea Campus Management they are transforming Monash University’s new teaching facility with a streamlined Campus Management system, ready for its opening in 2021.

Central Device Management
IAdeaCare is a remote management software suite that monitors all in-service equipment and gives administrators a deployment-wide view of each device’s health and configuration. An intelligent predictive maintenance proactively prevents device failure, ensuring uninterrupted operational continuation. The remote management service is designed to complement deployments, no matter how extensive, through a convenient web-based portal.

Content Management Utility
IAdea SignApps content management utility software offers an easy to use system for administrators and users to create and deploy content to a number of devices in just minutes. All IAdea devices are compatible, with templates available for creating content that fits on IAdea 10, 15, 22-inch devices and media players.

Further Information
Join IAdea at ISE 2020 from Feb 14-20th 2020, Hall 8 – E135
Learn More about ISE 2020 at www.iseurope.org

For a full range of IAdea solution portfolio, visit www.IAdea.com

About IAdea
Founded in 2000, IAdea is an award-winning leader in enterprise-grade digital signage systems. IAdea’s products include media players, all-in-one smart signboards, infinite video wall technology and device management software. With a strong Research and Development team in-house, IAdea’s trusted solutions have been deployed throughout corporate workplace, public transit and retail, powering more than 300,000 digital displays on a global scale.

As an industry-leading advocate of digital signage open platform, IAdea works tirelessly to ensure devices are seamlessly integrated with third-party software providers on the market, offering system integrators from all vertical markets proven robustness and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). With offices worldwide, IAdea provides uninterrupted customer service across the world. For more information, visit www.IAdea.com.


Source: Digital Signage Today


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