Germany Inches in on USA while NL Enters the SMIL Chart - IAdea

You can probably see better on the large graphics below. Germany is close to tying the USA on this month’s SMIL chart. Could it be due to the efforts made by IAdea’s distribution partner itworx-pro with their strongly branded “” domain name? Will they overtake the #1 position from USA next month? Let’s wait and see.

Here are the top 10 countries during the month of September, ranked by the number of visits to the A-SMIL web site, the promoter of W3C SMIL as the standard for digital signage, who activity tracks an ever expanding list of digital signage companies announcing support for SMIL.

1. United States (4th month)
2. Germany (2nd month)
3. Netherlands
4. Canada (up 2)
5. United Kingdom (down 1)
6. Poland
7. Sri Lanka
8. India (up 1)
9. Australia
10. Brazil (down 7)

SMIL offers a number of facilities that simplify programming for digital signage. The web site covers a wide range of topics in SMIL.

IAdea is a sponsor of this monthly report and offers a number of new SMIL-compliant digital signage appliances.

You may wish to also take a look at the September chart for comparison.

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