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IAdea’s CEO John C. Wang recently contributed an article for DailyDOOH, the leading news medium in digital signage.

The article titled How Popular is SMIL in Digital Signage? details how SMIL grew from 2009 to become the largest platform in digital signage today.

Germany, United States, France, Denmark, and India are among the top countries who visited the ‘Advocacy for SMIL‘ site during 2011. The number of unique users was almost 15,000 originating from over 127 countries and visitor volume increased 60% from 2010 to 2011, and grew almost 10X from 2009, the first year the site was in existence.

One hardware vendor reports a shipment volume of nearly 20,000 units of SMIL-enabled digital signage devices in 2011. A software maker supporting SMIL has won three projects, each using more than 1,000 SMIL players in 2011 alone.

At the end there is a hint on how IAdea will again change the industry with its next open strategy. Readers with an interest in SMIL are recommended to read the invited article.

Update: The article drew some very positive feedback from the community, include a couple from Bryan Crotaz of Silver Curve:

A-SMIL is actually just the subset of SMIL that is supported by IAdea. It’s a pretty good subset […]

Having spent the last few months entwined in the SMIL specs, there aren’t many things that SMIL can’t instruct a player to do. […] So if you’re defining the language that your new shiny player is going to speak, I’d suggest making it speak SMIL. I doubt you’ll find it very restrictive.

For more information about IAdea’s SMIL products, please contact us for more information.

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