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As touch-enabled large displays become more affordable, we find a quick rise of interactive digital signage everywhere. With the touch of a finger, wayfinding screens take you to your destination with the shortest route. A swipe on the shelf-edge display instantly creates an endless aisle of products that cannot otherwise fit onto the store, accompanied by detailed product specification and live social media reviews. And gone is the wait for waiters in a restaurant. The table-top signboard enables you to place and pay for your orders without delay. Welcome to the age of instant gratification. With the right content and a screen, you get all you want, anytime.

Interactive digital signage needs to be accessed close to the viewer. On a reasonably sized screen, the difference between 4K UHD and 1080p FHD becomes clearly visible. Even after spending the extra dollars on hardware, having a 4K display and a 4K media player only answers half of the problem. Without properly prepared 4K content, your screen looks no different from its inferior legacy counterpart. As you probe around for custom-developed 4K content, you discover the cost for 4K video production is much higher than you had anticipated.

HTML5 contains several scalable technologies that always provide perfectly rendered pictures and text information at close distance with extremely high resolution. Started as the foundation for building contents for the Internet, HTML5 had evolved to scale beautifully to small mobile screens. With the advent of large 4K UHD displays, the ability for HTML5 to scale “up” to provide fine details on large displays is finding great use. No matter how one magnifies or shrinks a page of map or product catalog, every single letter stays razor sharp and elegant looking. Product images can be shot with a digital camera at extremely high resolution, typically tens of mega-pixels, and displays perfectly on your 4K screen to look realistic. And the cost of producing 4K content in HTML5 is often a lot more affordable than in video. Millions of web designers are available to help you solve the problem.

However, not all 4K media players play HTML5 content perfectly. Some of the players are only able to display pictures up to 1080p resolution, and scalable fonts shown with rugged edges. These players make your premium screen look like a low-cost alternative. The only content they show at 4K as advertised are video clips, which can be extremely costly to produce and impossible to change interactively.


For a benchmark teaser, drag left and right to see the difference!

[twenty20 img1=”3929″ img2=”3928″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″]


Missed us at ISE 2017? Not to worry – our media partner, rAVe, covered our on-site True 4K performance benchmark demo by IAdea XMP-7300. Customer LOVED it, so we are bringing the love from offline to online, where more application scenarios are shared with everyone to access and compare the performance with another media player.


Dining facilities

  • Take your patrons on a unique gastronomic experience by winning them over the moment they lay eyes on your menus. Show how juicy your steaks are. Don’t let the details of your exquisite sashimi shy away. IAdea True 4K solution is here to make the magic happen.
  • Got a project in the Food & Beverage (F&B) or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business? Click below to download a benchmark reference of a menu for a non-IAdea media player you have on hand. See it for yourself – and you will know if your 4K player is true or scaled.

Tourist information

  • Novelist Pico Iyer once said travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed and ready to be transformed. Be the one that offers travelers the most authentic, the most lifelike details of the maps, attractions and navigation. IAdea True 4K solution enables you to take them on a journey they will never forget.
  • Got an application for hospitality, wayfinding kiosks or tourist information? Click below to download a benchmark reference of a map for a non-IAdea player you have on hand. See if for yourself – and you will know if your 4K player is true or scaled.

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