Your Shop Will Look Great with Brand New Digital Signage for Better Advertising: IAdea and DDJ Deliver a New Look for Petrol Retailers Using Smart Ads - IAdea

Digital sign at coffeeshopDDJ Media is all about experience and inspiration. Whether they visit a store, hospitality establishment, or other public facility, consumers are looking for an experience. Environmental factors do make a difference. These determine whether they stay longer, purchase more, have something to eat or drink, and – more importantly – whether they will return more often. Visual experience is an integral part of the environmental factors. With a reputation as the industry leader, naturally IAdea becomes the first choice when DDJ Media seeks after a visual solution provider.

DDJ Media has a long-standing relationship with SCALA, and so does IAdea. The technical integration between SCALA and IAdea has truly made deployment much easier. Though this is the first time DDJ Media has used hardware from IAdea, it won’t be the last. The product performance is better than other leading brands on the market – I wouldn’t have known until I tried. In fact, DDJ Media tested out 3 different media player brands before IAdea came along, and we are very happy with it. Now I know I can always count on the quality and reliability of IAdea thanks to its ultra-low defect rate,” said Boy Boomsma, Sales Director of DDJ Media.


  • Industry: Petrol retailer
  • Location: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France (total of 100+ sites)
  • Reasons for deployment: Coffee shops and convenience stores are commonly found at petrol stations, serving drivers around the city. Traffic is generally excellent and drivers are constantly in a rush. Having an eye-catching, up-to-date advertisements to help patrons know what they want right on the spot would increase the sales dramatically. Of course, timing is everything. When DDJ Media‘s petrol client decides to switch to a new coffee supplier, at the same time they decide to upgrade the advertisement system altogether.


  • IAdea MBR-1100: compact size, FHD capabilities, and extremely easy for installation with robust velcros that comes with the purchase
  • Full compatibility with SCALA solution, which is already adopted by DDJ Media in other projects, so the seamlessly integration hardware + software combo minimizes the efforts from device suppliers and system integrators when it comes to deployment


  • Installations throughout 100+ sites in four countries within a limited amount of time
  • Remote content update and management on an easy-to-use digital signage platform
  • End-users to be able to perform quick and easy modifications on product information such as pricing, pictures, sales promotions and more

User Results

  • On-time successful deployments
  • More revenues generated from the coffee shop business as the result of the project
  • DDJ Media able to effectively manage contents remotely for each petrol station at four different countries in multiple region-specific languages
  • DDJ Media with more full control of contents, and therefore any instant change on product information can be published real time to each site for much higher productivity and operation efficiency


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