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TAIPEI, Taiwan. August 10, 2016 –IAdea, leader in digital signage media appliance and video walls, announces today its innovative AnyTiles video wall solution has won Taiwan Digital Signage Award granted by Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance Taiwan (DSMA). AnyTiles™ promises pixel-perfect, infinitely-scalable video walls constructed using IAdea’s standard digital signage media players. Many of the best digital signage technologists and industry experts in Taiwan reviewed this year’s submissions and decided on which digital signage solutions deserve the top recognition.


The primary winning factor of IAdea AnyTiles is its success in changing the status quo of conventional video wall solutions. While conventional video wall solutions are constantly limited by the number of displays, there is no limitation of either the number of displays or the pixel quality, with AnyTiles. From a simple 2-by-2 to a million pieces of displays, the video contents remain pixel-perfect and infinitely scalable.


“IAdea is honored to be a recipient of this year’s Taiwan Digital Signage Award. It is a team effort and everyone at IAdea will continue to deliver the next digital signage innovation,” said John C. Wang, CEO of IAdea. “AnyTiles brings to video walls what the Retina displays did for mobile devices. Consumers today are spoiled by super-fine pixel resolution on their mobile devices. AnyTiles will upgrade video walls to provide that level of visual experience.”


Behind each AnyTiles installation is a novel display architecture innovation called DGA (for Distributed Graphics Architecture). Similar to the Hadoop distributed computing architecture employed by many mainstream cloud computing clusters, DGA uses a large number of inexpensive system-on-chip GPUs to form a large surface of extremely high resolution. For every screen added to the video wall, a DGA module is added too. This way graphics capacity always catches up to the added pixels.


A handful of projects have been deployed using AnyTiles, including a high-profile commercial deployment of AnyTiles took place in China’s Shanghai Hongqiao Commercial Business District. The video wall can be seen in the lobby of a corporate building, measures 10 meters (33 feet) wide and 3.5 meters (12 feet) tall. It features a display resolution of nearly 18K-by-4K, and provides augmented reality interactive gaming. Visit youtu.be/1jgJwI2jRUE for a demo video.


“AnyTiles also works on many existing video wall applications. With a simple upgrade, system designers and integrators can easily offer customers a drastically enhanced video quality. The better the video contents, the more viewers attracted. Whether it is media operation or retail management, AnyTiles will help improve your businesses,” John added.


For tutorials, pricing information and more proven records of IAdea AnyTiles , visit the microsite (//AnyTiles.IAdea.com). Complimentary AnyTiles Express software is also available for download on the micro-site. For sales inquiries, email sales@IAdea.com.

For friends and partners in Germany, you are welcome refer to our German version of the press release here.




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