IAdea Brings Taipei Travelers Closer with DOOH Signage System at Taiwan's Smart Bus Stations: One Step Closer to Transform Taipei as a Model Smart City - IAdea
Talk about connectivity; 4G has brought everything closer to us. Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, IAdea visualizes the future and connects every audience with it. From the most celebrated shopping malls and top international airports to every traveler’s favorite public transit hubs, IAdea is the engine that enables advertisers with high-impact Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) signage system whenever wherever in the most intelligent and the most interactive fashion. IAdea recently partnered up with a local media content agency and a prominent telecom operator in Asia Pacific to deploy a 4G-enabled, DOOH signage system at Taipei’s most prominent bus station, powered by IAdea media player solution.


  • Industry: transportation, infrastructure, outdoor applications
  • System integrator: Taiwan’s prominent telecom operator (whose name will remain confidential due to the nature of the business), also the winner of 2016 Telecom Services Evaluation’s Best Digital Services Award
  • Reasons for deployment: continuous efforts to shape the model Smart City, including the bus station project as an important inaugural milestone


  • IAdea XMP-7300: the most robust, energy-efficient outdoor media appliance, also the flagship solution in IAdea’s portfolio, known for continuous operation up to 50 degrees Celsius around the clock
  • One-stop solution at IAdea: industry’s best hardware with firmware customization for optimal interoperability within the digital signage ecosystem
  • Various packages for different businesses designed for each unique customer’s need, enabling the customer’s maximum flexibility
    • IAdea in-house support teams excellent service and quick responses during the deployment period
  • Real-time, interactive infotainment media content is now available for travelers at the bus station to enjoy the occasional pause in the midst of hustle and bustle


  • Uninterrupted high performance and strong signal, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions
  • Compact, fanless design to physically fit in the kiosk housing, while maintaining first-rate heat dissipations
  • Industrial-grade firmware customized for compatibility with not only the media content agency’s in-house platform but also the existing infrastructure at the bus station

User Results

  • Successful deployments of 85+ smart bus stops throughout Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan
  • Clients highly satisfied with IAdea’s solution and service, particularly the flexible business model, resulting in more collaborations underway
  • One step closer to transforming Taipei into a model Smart City in the world, where every resident is truly brought closer to each other
  • Free 4G connection is available at the bus station for travelers to stay connected and experience infotainment on-the-go

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