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Like a heart of all movements in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Jakarta Commuter Rail connects the majority of metropolitan, including Jakarta and Surabaya via several different routes. Before IAdea came along, there was already an existing in-train digital signage system broadcasting information and advertisements. Unfortunately, the existing solution resulted in a high failure rate due to the low-cost but also low-quality media players that were installed previously. Incidents such unexpected black screens, random shut-downs and constant loss of signal happened frequently. Therefore, along came this system improvement project commissioned by the local end-customer. IAdea was the hand-picked solution provider by a long-term partner with a formidable reputation in Asia Pacific region, whose name remains confidential due to the nature of the business.

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“IAdea is known as a premium, high-quality brand, so we came to consult them, and voila, we got the full solution right away: reliable media player, integration of cross-platform software and tireless technical support. IAdea demonstrates tremendous expertise and knowledge in the digital signage solution know-how and offers us a complete, satisfying after-sales service. Our customer is very happy with IAdea, as no more failure detected after deployment. The best part is, advertisers can now finally increase their advertising business from in-train advertisement!” – Partner of IAdea


  • Industry: transportation
  • Location: Jakarta Commuter Rail
  • Scale of project: 500 units of IAdea XMP-7300 deployed
  • Reasons for deployment: to replace the previous system which was unstable and unable to playback, resulting in dissatisfied advertisers


  • IAdea flagship 4K model XMP-7300 to deliver consistently high-quality, high-performance playback around the clock
  • Engineered for operation within a wide temperature range (as high as 50-degree Celsius)
  • Robust network connectivity, allowing for each XMP-7300 player to connect with the host and download automatically the latest advertisement content
  • Compatible with client’s remote management system, enabling content scheduling via mobile data networks and from the central control room
  • Local storage backup built-in as part of each XMP-7300 player to secure seamless playback at the event of wireless disconnection
  • IAdea in-house advanced DGA (distributed graphics architecture) technology, enabling precise frame-to-frame time management among train carriages for smooth playback and consistent content synchronization

broadcasting advertisement inside Indonesian metro train Commuter



  • Each carriage of the train comes with two back-to-back stretched displays on-board, broadcasting advertisements and passenger information. Advertisement videos need to be in sync from one carriage to another, even under the conditions of potential unstable network connectivity
  • Designated installation constraints such as the location (close to the ceiling of each carriage) and high temperature, as well as constant mechanic movement as the train operates continuously
  • Limitation with content updates – can only be done through Wi-Fi as trains return to the depot station

User Results

  • Much lower failure rate compared to previous solution: no more unexpected black screens and random shut-downs
  • Profitability brought to advertisers thanks to seamless, smooth video content playback
  • Dramatically improved commute experience for all passengers and travelers to receive stable, accurate and high-quality on-board information
  • IAdea solution 100% compatible with the customer’s current content scheduling system: hassle-free and significant saving on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


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