IAdea’s CEO John Wang is recently interviewed by David Keene, Executive Editor of Digital Signage Magazine and spoke about how IAdea positions Android technology in its digital signage players.

I caught up with John Wang, CEO of IAdea, at the Scala booth at DSE (IAdea was showing its Digital Signboard in the Scala booth at DSE), and Wang said that they are going all-Android from now on with their media players. “There is of course a huge momentum for Android coming from the consumer market, but Android comes with a lot of challenges.” Wang mentioned reliability issues, and the fact that Android code has not historically been “locked down” — i.e., it’s not immune to hacking — is not a big concern in a digital signage installation at your locals doctor’s office but a big one in a corporate rollout involving hundreds or even dozens of screens. Wang stressed the fact that
IAdea does not even include the word Android in its product literature because Wang says that they “heavily modify the Android source code to make it more robust, and more secure.”

See complete article below, or if Google is too slow, here.

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