IAdea, Intel, DigiTimes at Digital Signage Forum at Computex - IAdea

IAdea will be hosting the Digital Signage Forum 2011 (website in Chinese) at Computex 2011 in collaboration with the Digital Signage SIG and leading IT media DigiTimes on the morning of Friday June 3, at the Taipei International Convention Center. Intel will be introducing its digital signage solution at the event.

This annual event is focused on progress and trends in the global digital signage industry. Over 150 400 (updated June 2) attendees have already registered to attend. Invited speakers include analysts and representatives from the industry. Intel will be giving a session on its latest embedded technology for digital signage. IAdea‘s CEO John Wang will be opening the forum as chair of the Digital Signage SIG and later hosting a session on worldwide standardization efforts in the digital signage market, which is expected to cover progress made at industry organizations including POPAI, OVAB, DPAA, and OAAA.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact IAdea for more information.

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