IAdea to Introduce Products tailored to Scala Partners at DSE 2013 - IAdea

IRINVE, Calif., February 25, 2013 – IAdea is a leading vendor in the digital signage media appliance market space with emphasis on strong support for leading software solutions from industry partners. At the upcoming Digital Signage Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, IAdea will announce the first digital signage media players and digital signboards pre-configured for deployment with Scala’s latest HTML5-enabled software, providing the optimal open-box experience for Scala Certified Partners.

Digital signage integrators will be able to order a Scala-specific version (“Scala SKU”) of IAdea’s new line of digital signage products:

  • Three media players with Ethernet (XMP-2200), WiFi (XMP-2300), and live A/V-in overlay (XMP-2400) support,
  • Three digital signboards with replaceable front bezel and motion sensor (XDS-1060), Power-over-Ethernet one-wire connectivity (XDS-1062), and multi-touch high-resolution display (XDS-1068), as well as
  • The pioneering non-PC player compliant with Intel’s OPS/Open Pluggable Spec format (XOP-2300).
  • The products are designed with features to provide superior digital signage functionality while greatly reducing deployment and maintenance cost.


IAdea has been a strong promoter of HTML5 to drive the next wave of digital signage market expansion. “The rapid adoption of open technology shows the industry is ready for utilizing simple, smart devices on a massive scale,” says Rex Chen, Executive Vice President of IAdea. “We are glad to provide the most complete family of HTML5-enabled products specifically optimized for Scala users and really help make digital signage deployment and management a breeze for them.”

“IAdea is a leader in developing digital signage media appliances featuring a rich set of functionality. Their media appliances and signboards are perfectly designed to target retail and corporate communication audiences effectively”, states Harry Horn, Vice President Marketing of Scala. “IAdea’s new displays are now powered over Ethernet; not having to use a separate power cord for the displays makes it super easy for digital marketers to use dynamic signage in their communication strategy. By combining IAdea products with the rock solid and powerful Scala software, retail and corporate marketers have a great tool set in hand to connect with their target groups; and now that Scala supports HTML5 a whole new world of live content assets can be used to make dynamic messaging even more impactful. On the Scala stand at DSE 2013 (Stand 922) Scala will showcase a sales driving retail communication concept and a corporate communication set up that can be used in many environments. For both concepts we will use the new Power-over-Ethernet IAdea signboards.”

The new IAdea products provide great applications especially for the retail and corporate communications vertical markets. At booth #922 of DSE 2013, Scala and IAdea will jointly demonstrate the new devices applied to retail shop and conference room scenarios. For more information on the new products, visit //www.IAdea.com/product.

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