IAdea Introduces Next-gen HTML5-based Digital Signage Platform - IAdea

January 23, 2013, Irvine, Calif. – IAdea, the technology leader who introduced the first HTML5-based digital signage media appliance in the signage industry, is announcing its second-generation HTML5-eanbled digital signage media appliances. A series of seven new devices are becoming available for the digital signage system integrator: three new 10-inch digital signboards, three new media players, and the world’s first Open Pluggable Spec (OPS)-compliant player module based on non-Intel architecture. The new line of products will be showing off their technology at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe and Digital Signage Expo shows.

The new devices provide a great blend of the most popular digital signage platform technologies: SMIL, HTML5, and Google Android. SMIL provides a robust and industry-proven platform that runs many of today’s most popular digital signage management systems, offering vital functions such as playlist management, scheduling, reporting, and maintenance jobs. HTML5 is emerging as the cross-platform content platform, enabling access to real time web-based data feeds, vector-based graphics and animation, and rich user-generated contents on the web. Android is the latest mobile computing platform, allowing high-performance data processing and responsive user interface design, to fulfill applications including advanced audience analytics and rich interactive content.

On top of the open content platform, IAdea provides some of the industry’s most-requested hardware features. IAdea is introducing the industry’s first 10-inch digital signboard equipped with the Power-over-Ethernet technology, simplifying installation by combining power and network into just one CAT5 cable. Installation on shelf space and in product aisles is now easier than ever. Another great feature is the motion sensor, providing a cost-effective way to detect passer-by’s and turn them into captive audience by triggering content playback at the moment of contact.

“IAdea aims to be the leader in digital signage device technology, making emerging technologies practical for the professional digital signage integrator,” said Rex Chen, Executive Vice President of IAdea. “We could not have done it without the continued support of our partners. We are glad to have key industry players like Signagelive joining us and announcing the availability of their services on our new platform.”

Jason Cremins, CEO Signagelive added: “The move towards open standards in Digital Signage has been led by IAdea, initially with SMIL and now with the enhanced support for HTML5. At Signagelive we embrace open standards and have worked closely with IAdea to develop a range of sector specific HTML5 applications including apps for QSR, Corporate Communications, Education and Retail that unlock the vast potential offered by cost-effective, non-PC digital signage solutions.”

IAdea’s new platform packs a large number of new features to empower the digital signage system integrator. For more information about the new devices and their enabling technologies, visit //www.IAdea.com/product for more information.



Founded in 2000, IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge commercial-grade digital signage players and integrated displays. IAdea’s products support the W3C SMIL open platform and the HTML5 content standard, allowing system integrators to quickly customize and tailor to individual project requirements. IAdea’s device technologies power many large-scale digital signage projects, offering proven robustness and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). With hundreds of partners worldwide, IAdea provides uninterrupted product service throughout the globe.

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