IAdea Launches 4K, Retail-focused UHD Digital Signage Media Players at ISE 2016 - IAdea
IAdea Launches 4K, Retail-focused UHD Digital Signage Media Players at ISE 2016
IAdea, leading vendor for digital signage media players and integrated signboards, is announcing its flagship “Armoroid™ 4K” XMP-7300 player. The product is the first high performance, ultra HD-capable devices built for the commercial environment.
IAdea’s Armoroid™ product line is built for reliability, flexibility, and performance.
  • Reliability: supporting extended operating temperature range and tolerance for shock/vibration. A recent win in the transportation sector has proven its advantage over consumer-grade devices;
  • Flexibility: control playback with ease using included software, HTML5, SMIL playlists, Google Android, as well as many leading third party content management systems;
  • Performance: true 4K@60 HEVC/H.265 playback, with the latest HTML5 playback engine powered by state-of-the-art quad-core CPU and dedicated graphics acceleration hardware.
4K or Ultra HD is the coming media standard for delivering vibrant content on large displays and video walls. Content production companies who embrace 4K early are likely to enjoy a premium on service pricing and win the recognition as the forerunner in innovation. IAdea’s capability to natively playback 4K content at 60 frames-per-second gives content producers the capability to create truer-than-life smooth visual effects.
The Armoroid line is designed to work perfectly for the modern retail environment powered by the IAdea Retail Suite. The solution package includes the following components:
  • AnyTiles™, the super-fine, super-large video wall solution: utilizing one CPU per screen, AnyTiles is able to achieve pixel-perfect live animation on video walls of virtually unlimited size;
  • Anonlytics™, the anonymous shopper foot traffic analytics tools: doubling media players as Wi-Fi sensors, Anonlytics helps retailers understand shopper behavior inside their stores and discover hidden business opportunities;
  • AniBeacon™, the screen-to-mobile interactivity solution: enabling digital signage to send out dynamic, content-specific beacon codes, AniBeacon allows digital signage content to trigger response from existing Apple iBeacon™ and Google Eddystone™ apps.
For more information, visit IAdea at //www.IAdea.com.
Founded in 2000, IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge commercial-grade digital signage players and integrated displays. IAdea’s products support the W3C SMIL open platform and the HTML5 content standard, allowing system integrators to quickly customize and tailor to individual project requirements. IAdea’s device technologies power many large-scale digital signage projects, offering proven robustness and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). With offices worldwide, IAdea provides uninterrupted product service throughout the globe.

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