IAdea to Power Litemax Spanpixel Exhibition at Embedded World: Innovating Transportation Applications, One Media Player at the Time - IAdea

TAIPEI, Taiwan; NUREMBURG, Germany – February 22, 2016 – IAdea, the leader in providing innovative digital signage platforms, is sponsoring its partner, two of its best-in-class media players, XMP-6400and XMP-7300, for the transportation exhibition theme at Embedded World. The annual trade show takes place in Nuremburg, Germany from February 23 to February 25.Litemax’s booth is located at Hall 1 – 379.


IAdea XMP-6400 Armoroid™ is the world’s first open standard HDMI-in media player, delivering the 1080p image quality. XMP-6400remains powerful under the wide temperature range of 0°C to 50°C and humidity condition of 5% – 85% at 40°C, excellent for rugged environments, including railways and metros. Paired with LitemaxSSD4956and SSD4848as the on-site demo, IAdea XMP-6400demonstrates strong compatibility with display solutions currently adopted by the transportation vertical.


Powering Litemax’s new 3000-nits SSD3841 is IAdea’s XMP-7300Armoroid™ HDMI 2.0 media player. Perfect for transportation, where real-time announcements are regularly distributed from passenger information systems to on-board trains, XMP-7300easily connects every display over Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless network (2.4GHz), as well as 3G mobile via USB dongle. WithLitemax’s high-bright SSD3841 being every advertiser’s favorite, the high-end video codec (H.265), which XMP-7300supports, further optimizes advertising contents and strengthens the impact on viewers. This 4K certified device also operates between 0°C to 60°C.


“IAdea is honored to be a part of Litemax’s exhibition at Embedded Worldthis year. We highly value relationships with our partners,” said John C. Wang, CEO of IAdea. “IAdea is well-known in the digital signage industry, especially for pixel-perfect, infinitely scalable video walls. Our products are designed to perform reliably for rugged environments, such as transportation. We guarantee the highest quality and the lowest technical issues for industrial-grade applications.”


Embedded World exhibition is one of the many examples of collaborations between IAdea and Litemax. Recently over 500 of IAdea’s XMP-7300 Armoroid™ players are deployed on Jakarta’s commuter trains, integrated with Litemax’s Spanpixel. IAdea was selected for its superior reliability to replace low-cost Android media players previously installed in the trains but failed frequently. Furthermore, the IAdea AnyTiles™ technology, also compatible with Litemax displays, synchronizes all players across train cars so content can be designed in a coherent, visually pleasing way.


Litemax is grateful to IAdea for sponsoring such innovative media players for our Spanpixelduring our exhibition at Embedded World,” said David King, President of Litemax Electronics. “Without the support from each and every of our partners, Litemaxwould not have come this far, considering that Litemax’s Spanpixelseries is now known as a benchmark in transportation all over the world.”


IAdea XMP-6400and XMP-7300are demonstrated live at Litemax’s booth (Hall 1-379) from February 23 to February 25 duringEmbedded World. Both media players are currently available on the market. For enquiries regarding IAdea, please contactsales@IAdea.com. For enquiries regarding Litemax, please contact sale@litemax.com.

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