IAdea SignApps Express Adds New Device Management Features to Enhance Performance, Increase Productivity and Offer Predictive Maintenance - IAdea

TAIPEI, Taiwan. June 13, 2017 – IAdea, a leader in digital signage media players, smart signboards, and video wall technology, announces today new features carried out by SignApps Express, such as one-click log retrieval and remote screen monitoring (LAN only) as predictive maintenance tools.

IAdea SignApps Express is a free software bundled with all IAdea devices – an elementary, easy-to-use tool that beginners in digital signage are welcome to leverage for simple demonstration, concept development and a quick run-through of all IAdea built-in features. This network management console of IAdea recently acquires key management and performance features. Available immediately, the major release is now a complete environment allowing users to configure, troubleshoot, diagnose, and monitor content from a single location (LAN only). Besides overhauling the management and monitoring workflow, content can now be synchronized to any number of screens with less than 1-second latency, opening the door to new project opportunities.

One-Click Log Retrieval for Increase Productivity and Efficiency

  • Users no longer need to retrieve player logs manually via USB drives
  • System integrators and developers can now download player logs for local processing from within SignApps Express or email the logs to IAdea Support Team for analysis and mediated response

Remote Screen Monitoring (LAN only) as Predictive Maintenance Tools

  • Saves system integrators, end customers and IT staff members the footwork of checking what’s displayed at each display, by refreshing the live content at up to 10 second intervals
  • Generates the actual timestamped screenshot of each screen for billing or diagnostic purposes upon login

“IAdea has been known for providing end-to-end, fully customized solution development service for projects that require optimal performance and scalability assurance. Now we are offering more to our customers, who will be sure to love one-click log retrieval and predictive maintenance, which are the newly added features of SignApps Express,” said John C. Wang, CEO of IAdea. “While SignApps Express is perfect for beginners, users are able to upgrade to a third-party platform easily and seamlessly, as long as the third-party is a certified software partner of ours.”

Performance-wise, SignApps Express is now equipped with second-accurate synchronized playback for impactful, coherent content presentation across multiple screens. Media and advertising content designers will be able to mark individual video, photos, PowerPoint, or audio assets for synchronized playback across selected screens as defined in a playlist. All selected screens will then display the same content with less than 1-second difference. This technology is imperative for environments where the timing of each content broadcast is highly sensitive. End-customers who demand impeccable, flawless timing for broadcasting their information or advertisements, such as international airports, shopping malls and quick service restaurants, would absolutely love this feature.

For more information on SignApps Express, visit //www.iadea.com/solution/signapps or tutorial videos here. To speak to our Support Team, visit //support.iadea.com.

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