IAdea Solution Transforms Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Center into a Value-Added Business: Greener and Better Brand Image with Help of Smart Signboards - IAdea

mart signboard at King Bus terminalTAIPEI, Taiwan. April 28, 2017. Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport, or in another name, King Bus, is one of Taiwan’s premiere bus operators, providing 24/7 bus service to originating as well as connecting passengers from nearby railway, metro, high-speed rail, and airport light rail systems. King Bus’ latest transport center, located in a prime location adjacent to Taiwan Rail Administration’s Taipei Main Station, opened on March 2, 2017. As part of the new station design, a robust, innovative digital signage system provided by IAdea was deployed to provide up-to-date orientation and promotional material.

“IAdea’s Smart Signboard system fills a gap between roof-mounted billboards and individual smartphone screens, providing a personal and prominent showcase for delivering our services. Our staff has quickly learned to treat it as a companion when helping customers find the information they need.” – Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport. “We are in the process of rolling out the same systems at other locations in Taiwan, expecting excellent returns of this investment.”


  • Industry: Transportation
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Reasons for deployment: 
    • Operating 24/7 with peak hour traffic in a busy down-town location demands reliable digital signage systems to assist with efficient circulation
    • Streamlined counter design means that there’s no window glass to place promotional stickers between staff and customer, so digital signage plays an important role in communicating services offered
    • Station wide signage deployment with plans for in-vehicle digital signage expansion require flexible management systems and well-specified devices


  • Finding the one partner who could do it all: King Bus was seeking signage systems to flow from transport center to each screen on the bus and had evaluated many candidates from hardware devices to management system before making the final decision to work with IAdea on a long-term basis
  • Investing in a future-proof technology that would become a longstanding company asset: IAdea is known for great versatility and compatibility with various software providers, while delivering robust hardware, assuring that future infrastructure upgrade would be effortless


  • A professional presentation with symmetrical bezels, the IAdea 2170 Smart Signboard (replaced with XDS-2288) places important information and face-to-face contact with staff first and foremost
  • 4 units of 22″ counter-top all-in-one smart signboards delivering a self-contained message on each page, at eye level, preserving the harmonious and clutter-free ambiance of the new station
  • Chosen for its programmability, connectivity, and mechanical reliability in public places, the system is network-managed using IAdea’s simple-to-use signage utility SignApps with excellent scalability and interface available for other software partners of IAdea in case of future customizations
  • PowerPoint rendering support allowing King Bus in-house staff to easily create or modify display content with promotional posters, bus time table, and route information

User Results

  • Decreases travelers’ perceived wait time: On March 2nd at the Grand Opening of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Center, visitors waiting in queue picked up on information displayed on the signboard and engaged in conversation about services
  • Around-the-clock operation: IAdea smart transportation solution remain 100% operational (display content including corporate identity design posters, airport shuttle service listings, and ticketing packages)
  • Excellent engineering quality: Flexibility to adjust height and angle of the screen with tempered glass offering protections against vandalism at a highly congested public area 
  • Enhances branding image of King Bus: Perceived as a value-added bus operator – King Bus now able to deliver more than merely bus fare and schedule information, but also advertisements, restaurant recommendations, and tourist attractions
  • Be green and environmentally friendly: No more printed pamphlets distributed, vastly reducing King Bus‘ corporate carbon footprint


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