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(Irvine, CA, USA and Taipei, Taiwan) January 3, 2012 – IAdea, the leading maker of media appliances and digital signboards for digital signage, introduces the industry’s first Web Appliances supporting SMIL and the HTML5 open standards. IAdea first introduced the SMIL platform to digital signage in 2009 and gathered support from leading software providers, effectively changing the landscape of the industry. By supporting HTML5 as a content type in SMIL, IAdea expects the new technology to fundamentally change the industry again in how future digital content will be made and deployed. The benefit of HTML5 as a content format is summed up concisely by the late Steve Jobs in his open letter titled Thoughts on Flash:

HTML5, the new web standard that has been adopted by Apple, Google and many others, lets web developers create advanced graphics, typography, animations and transitions without relying on third party browser plug-ins (like Flash). [Emphasis added.]

For digital signage, HTML5 provides a unified platform that connects all cloud-enabled devices: the computer, the mobile phone, the smart TV, and digital signage. This means content creation costs are significantly lower due to the possibility to re-use media assets across multiple delivery platforms. In addition, dynamic information can now be exchanged and displayed in an open and interoperable format.

Five new IAdea products are being introduced. The new Web Appliances named XMP-3250, XMP-3350, and XMP-3450, support wired networking, wireless LAN, and live A/V-in capability, respectively. Two new Web Signboards are also available: the XDS-1950 and XDS-2450 are all-in-one unit integrating an 18.5”- and a 24”-inch LCD display. In addition to displaying 1080p full-HD video, pictures, and sound, the devices now all support dynamic rendering of data feeds using the latest HTML5, CSS, JavaScript technologies. The products are great for applications including: digital menu boards, transportation departure/arrival information, and hospitality signage at retail, banking, hotel, and corporate lobbies.

A great piece of hardware will not perform without matching software. IAdea will be announcing several key software partners for the new Web Appliances in the coming weeks. For a limited time, IAdea will be giving away new Web Appliance devices to qualifying software makers and service providers who are certified to work well with IAdea Web Appliances. For more information please visit www.iadea.com/html5.

About IAdea

IAdea is a pioneer and leader in the media appliance and digital signboard market for digital signage application. The products are designed specifically for large digital signage deployments and available at very affordable price points. IAdea provides device APIs based on open standards including SMIL and HTML5 so software and service providers can easily integrate their offerings with IAdea’s hardware. With offices in North America and Asia, IAdea provides around-the-clock services worldwide. For more information, visit www.iadea.com.

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