"Just Add Graphics": IAdea, Mistubishi Provide Integrated Digital Signage Displays - IAdea

IAdea, pioneer and leader in digital signage media appliances based on the SMIL open API, and Mitsubishi Presentations, worldwide leader in commercial-grade displays, roll out pre-configured integrated displays from 32″ to 52″.

The IAdea-Mitsubishi bundle includes an IAdea digital signage player integrated with a Mitsubishi’s commercial-grade LCD monitors, such as the LDT322V 32-inch and MDT521S 52-inch full-HD digital signage display.

The solution provides customers and integrators with an easier entry into digital signage while maintaining system scalability, thus making future growth and expansion possible.  For Scala system users, the IAdea-Mitsubishi bundle is a low cost alternative to increasing the number of display channels.

IAdea offers solid-state digital signage media appliances in different native resolutions from 480P to 1080P, suitable for all display sizes from small to large. Advanced features include connectivity into any SMIL-compatible management software, making the IAdea players suitable for expanding existing PC-based installations with low cost incremental display channels.

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