PADS4 to support IAdea at InfoComm 2018 with interactive room management solution - IAdea

NDS, developer of PADS4 digital signage software, will support IAdea, maker of cutting-edge commercial-grade digital signage players and integrated displays, at InfoComm 2018.This partnership offers various cost effective digital signage solutions highly suitable for industries such as Corporate, Hospitality and Retail.


At InfoComm, IAdea and PADS4 will focus on interactive room management solution. Managing digital signage in meeting rooms and facilities requires strong, flexible solutions capable of keeping up with daily and even hourly changes to bookings, events, and meeting rooms. PADS4 offers real-time control, with smart meeting room solutions like Viewer Variables to save time and money when keeping booking, wayfinding, signage, and in-room communication up-to-date and relevant for the client. PADS4 Smart Meeting Room Signage works with your data to put you in control of signage in all your meeting and conference facilities.


The PADS4 Smart Meeting Room Signage is a perfect fit with the Android based IAdea Signboard players. NDS successfully tested the PADS4 software with IAdea’s XDS-1078 signboards. The XDS-1078 comes with tons of features to improve meeting room communication. Think of the possibility to brand your meeting room display with customizable LED lightbar colors, authenticating access request, instant on-site booking and 1-wire installation. Combined with PADS4 this device offers high quality and a stable performance resulting in a smart digital signage solution. Whether it’s wayfinding or meeting room, a versatile device like the XDS-1078 is always needed.

IAdea will show their interactive room management solution live at the upcoming InfoComm Show, June 6-8, 2018, on stand N3238 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, US.


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