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Pixelart + IAdea

Pixelart.ai has teamed up with IAdea to provide a seamless digital signage experience. We have natively integrated IAdea players to allow you to build a robust signage network with uninterrupted playback. You don’t need to install anything on your IAdea media players, it works seamlessly with Pixelart straight out of the box.

About Pixelart

First founded in 2013, Pixelart CMS was launched in the UK in 2018. Currently, Pixelart technology powers large screen networks globally. It is based on the latest technology and aims to automate all aspects of Digital Signage content delivery and make small and large screen network management simple and cost effective.

Why Pixelart

Pixelart CMS can be used in any industry whether you a large retail chain or a small independent coffee shop. With Pixelart and IAdea you can take your signage network to a new level to engage your audience by creating personalised experiences and publish responsive and relevant content to your screens in minutes.

  1. Offline Playback: ​With our Smart Self Healing Playback publishing is never disrupted, even if your screens go offline
  2. Design Studio:​Using our innovative Pixelart Design Studio you can build both simple and complex content to publish to your Screens quickly and easily. When building the content, you do not need worry about the size or the orientation of the screen as it automatically adjusts to the host screen format.
  3. Increase Engagement:Keep your audience engaged using Apps from our appstore; publish your social media accounts to your screens or display images from your dropbox account
  4. Monitoring:Easily monitor network key indicators: content playback, player online status, performance, and more
  5. Synchronization:With Pixelart CMS you can manage your Screens as a group or individually. We give you full control over your network from anywhere, at anytime
  6. Slick & Modern UI:Pixelart has a familiar and intuitive interface, Kanban Style management, and detailed guides and tutorials to make onboarding new users a breeze
  7. Account Management:Pixelart CMS is ideal for managing Screen Networks in a team. Team members can all have centralised access to the account and simultaneously manage and monitor the network from anywhere, at anytime. It is equally super simple to use so you can add/remove team members to/from your account and manage your account settings with total ease

For more on Pixelart + IAdea partnership, click here.

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