rAVe: InfoComm 2018: BTX Highlights IAdea NDS PADS4 4K Digital Signage System for Retail Environment

IAdea Lift n’ Learn with GPIO module, presented by BTX at InfoComm 2018.


Lift n’ Learn

Ever wanted to know more about an item on the shelf but, no information is readily available? IAdea is all about maximizing customers’ shopping experience and making sure they get the best of what they need. Customers simply lift a product to activate the engaging media content, and viola!, instant learning at the push of a button. The Lift n’ Learn technology can be further customized with GPIO extender for pairing motion sensors, sound sensors, buttons, LED lights, door controls, speakers, and even other IAdea players to create a complete interactive digital signage experience for all kinds of retail applications.  


About BTX

BTX Technologies is IAdea North America distributor offering digital signage media players, digital signboards, award-winning video wall software, and Lift n’ Learn with GPIO module.


About IAdea

IAdea strives to enable intelligent applications that touch every aspect of your business – customer satisfaction, employee productivity, operation efficiency and most importantly, enhanced quality of overall digital experience.

We are the compute engine behind more than 200,000 displays worldwide. Whether your business in retail or corporate communications, workplace management or transportation, work with us and be a part of our award-winning team.

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Source from rAVE Publications


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