signagelive Adds New Features for IAdea’s New SMIL Media Appliances - IAdea

The upcoming product release from signagelive adds exciting new features to enrich support for SMIL digital signage media players from IAdea.

signagelive, the SaaS platform from Remote Media Group, has announced multiple new features, including the ability to automatically update thousands of digital signage screens, to enhance support for new IAdea media appliances.

The XMP-120 is one of the new IAdea devices specifically designed for SaaS services like signagelive. A special edition of the new player comes pre-configured with signagelive configuration parameters as factory default, so the installation process becomes a very simple plug-and-play without any need to install software or enter cryptic service parameters. Once connected, the IAdea player appears as a signagelive virtual player where user can set up content feeds via a web-based management interface.

The price point of XMP-120 makes it a great upgrade option for digital signage users currently running on DVD players. That large user base will enjoy added features like high-definition picture playback and live content updates when they upgrade their equipment for a very low price.

Other features to become available to IAdea’s devices via signagelive’s update include:

  • Simplified playlist editing by specifying activation and expiration time for media files
  • Publishing from mobile devices to digital signage screens via Flickr and Photobucket
  • Integration with paid content feeds from Screenfeed and Sky

For information about signagelive’s support for IAdea, visit For hardware features, see

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