Signagelive partners with Seenspire to promote social media offering to add dynamic, engaging and relevant content for digital signage networks - IAdea

Signagelive partners with Seenspire to promote social media offering to add dynamic, engaging and relevant content for digital signage networks

New partnership with Seenspire fortifies content solutions

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 10th April, 2017 — Signagelive, global provider of cloud-based digital signage platform, now recommends a dynamic social media solution to their network of 500 resellers and 1,700 networks around the globe. The Social Media Wall, which is available through a partnership with Seenspire, enables resellers and customers to create their own social media channels designed for displays.

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“Getting a screen on the wall playing content is relatively easy,” said Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “How to make that screen relevant to the viewer is a different story. Social media, if delivered correctly, can make an incredible impact through digital displays.”

Social Media Wall users can moderate their channels manually or set automated rules. The cloud-based system delivers the social content in HTML5 format and is compatible with Signagelive’s many supported digital signage devices, including; Samsung’s new Tizen-powered displays, Google Chrome OS devices, LG WebOS Displays, Philips Android SoC Displays, IAdea players and displays, and the latest BrightSign Series 3 digital signage players.


Seenspire’s social media wall solution is designed to give partners and end users a never-ending supply of user-generated content. Cost-effective subscription pricing, dynamic display designs and a user-friendly interface were just some of the many reasons that prompted Signagelive to recommend the Seenspire Social Media Wall.

“From our point of view, we have a duty to recommend best of breed solutions for use with our platform and the media devices that we support and to our resellers and customers,” Cremins said. “What I love is the workflow, how easy it is to connect a social media account, choose a display design and publish ready for use with Signagelive.”

Signagelive’s partnership with Seenspire reinforces the company’s commitment to enhance its core services with quality content solutions. Signagelive is a leading cross-platform digital signage solution provider in the cloud.

Seenspire Director Samuel Mekonen looks forward to working with Signagelive to push the boundaries of digital display communications.

“We’re aligned on where and how we want to innovate,” Mekonen said. “Our common goal of smart signage and our vision for the developing industry have brought us together.”

About Signagelive

Signagelive is a private company that has been supplying digital signage software and services to multiple vertical markets including; retail, education, fast food, hospitality and private enterprise since 1997.

It is now a world leader in the development and delivery digital signage applications and interactive media solutions. Its core management and media playback software, written in HTML5, is cloud-based and is compatible with an unrivalled number of display screens, from mobile devices to high definition video wall display systems.

The company is headquartered near Cambridge in the UK. It has subsidiary offices in Chicago and Singapore and provides its digital signage solutions through an established network of resellers, distributors and channel partners in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific.

Signagelive’s innovative technology is currently powering digital signage applications for single devices through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively to thousands of customers in over 41 countries worldwide.




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